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Planate Management Group LLC

Planate Management Group, LLC is composed of a network of facility management and operations infrastructure management experts that are drawn from a wide variety of backgrounds such as facilities management/engineering, public safety, infrastructure operations, design-build construction, emergency management, information technology, strategic communications, and resource management. Our experts are able to do more for your program because we work as a collaborative team.

Crowell & Moring

We're among the world's most trusted and respected firms. Our practice is broad and deep, panning the globe and crossing industries. Like many lawyers, we pride ourselves on our integrity, client relationships, and ability to win cases. But that's not why 53 of us left a major law firm in 1979 to start Crowell & Moring. We did it because we believed we could create a different kind of law firm. A place where lawyers could think differently. Act differently. Be themselves. What we are has much to do with what we are not: stuffy, arrogant, closed-minded.
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