Events & Programs

Through sponsored events, ISOA members gain access to the unique community that is the ISOA network—from industry leaders to policymakers to the leading thinkers on stability, peace and development. 

Event Locations

ISOA events are held monthly in the Washington D.C. Metro area and in Dubai, U.A.E. with our Middle East Chapter members. You can find information on upcoming ISOA events on the Industry Calendar, and on our Facebook and LinkedIn pages.


Our events feature speakers from government, think tanks, NGOs and the private sector. A typical panel event features 3 panelists and a moderator, while salon breakfasts/lunches typically feature one keynote speaker and an interactive question and answer session. 

Types of Events

ISOA events are diverse in length, structure and type. Roundtables can range from online webinars to smaller panel events. Forums include 1/2 day workshops and mini-conferences. Receptions are often informal networking events at local restaurants or bars, and feature brief remarks from sponsors or special guests.

Are ISOA events open to the public?

Some ISOA events are open to the members and nonmembers, while others are members-only and special invited guests. Most ISOA events do require a registration fee, and are free for members or feature a discounted ticket fee for members. ISOA events are always free for government attendees with an official .gov, .mil or other official government e-mail address and government identification.