Candy Group/Candy Logistics USA, LLC

Candy Group delivers both personnel and material using a mix of aviation and maritime capability, complimented by traditional freight forwarding, logistics and project services.  We safely deploy, sustain, and retrieve our clients’ staff and equipment in austere and sometimes hostile environments.  We have a global supply network providing a range of goods for our customers with in-theater delivery.   
The anecdotal “out of the box” solution can only be considered robust when it comes with a proper grounding in the technical issues and operational risks.  Our clients benefit from our collective experience in circumventing many of the pitfalls normally associated with operating in remote conflict and post conflict regions.  Current strategic market insight, local knowledge and extensive operational practice ensure our efficacy and efficiency.


  • Project Design, Project Management, Risk Management
  • Logistics and Supply Chain Solutions
  • Counter Illicit Trade Solutions
  • Advisory and Consultancy


  • Procurement / Supply (POL products, vehicles, consumables, security equipment, communications)
  • Logistics (Aviation and Maritime)
  • Expeditionary Deployment
  • Incidental Construction, Facilities Management


Jim LeBlanc, Chairman
United States
Countries Serviced: 
Jonathan Marks