Conflict Kinetics

Conflict Kinetics (CK) delivers dramatic improvements in combat readiness through individual and squad level development.  Using a revolutionary approach to replicating the physical and ocular challenges of combat, CK has created a program defined as “Synthetic Marksmanship Training™ (SMT),” which is a radically different approach to using “simulation”.  CK does not require high-end video game engines or high fidelity graphics processors, focusing instead on programs of instruction with purpose built drills via their proprietary software. 
CK uses patented pro-sports methods known as Plus Life Speed™ designed to exceed what is expected from current marksmanship, unit/squad level, and threat recognition training.
CK increases precise lethality and survivability by decreasing target engagement time and transition time. In addition , our program reduces fratricide and minimizes collateral damage through development of the individual’s neuromotor pathways and motor skills (eye to brain to body/ trigger finger).
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