Venn Consulting

Venn was created in 2010 to make immediate connections between people, resources and knowledge across the world that enable mission success for exceptional people on both sides of business transactions focused to better America. Venn’s advocacy campaigns influence partners, customers, governments and individuals. The business model is a reverse business development approach. Research and outreach is phase 1. Phase 2 begins after the obstacles and opportunities have been uncovered. A team is formed with unique abilities designed specifically to eliminate barriers to success.
A wealth of resources and business knowledge are the cornerstone for Venn’s ease of doing business in this model. 20 years of experience to draw from is exponentially multiplied in Venn’s unlimited circle of business relationships.
Venn is committed to continuous situation monitoring for each client's mission or project and strives to give clients advance notice of potential stumbling blocks so we stay on course, as the course will continually self-redirect.
11654 Plaza America Drive
Suite 226
Reston, VA 20190
United States