Now is the time of year to renew your ISOA corporate membership or to sign-up as a new company.

The benefits are many, the most important of which are the following:

- Interact face-to-face with senior government officials who oversee the federal contracts that are important to your business.

- Conduct business-to-business networking with those small, medium, and large companies in order to establish the right partnerships for success in the market place.

- Allow ISOA to take on the tough and thorny issues and advocate on your behalf to the government. Let ISOA fight for your company so you are not out on a limb.

We had a great ISOA Summit last week! To those who were there, thank you for attending and participating. If you couldn't attend the Summit, please try to make it to future ISOA events. Attending our events and joining ISOA will certainly be a "value-add" to you and your company.

The 11th Annual Summit of the International Stability Operations Association is just around the corner. We are the only organization of its kind that allows companies in the stability operations industry to interact with each other and with their government counterparts in professional and social venues.

MSA Security Protects Critical Infrastructure From Explosive Threats with Innovative Technology Solutions

Corporate Background

Founded in 1987, MSA Security is the premier provider of explosive device and weapons-of-mass destruction detection services.