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New Century US
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Last updated: 1/5/2020
New Century US
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New Century US
United States
  Consulting Services, Human Development and Capacity Building, Intelligence Services and Analysis, Language Services and Interpretation, Security Sector Reform, Training
  Afghanistan, Australia, Ghana, Honduras, Iraq, Malaysia, Philippines, Rwanda, Senegal, United Kingdom, United States
Company Description
  New Century US is a global provider of host nation Police and Military professionalization training. Our goal is to develop security organizations that are effective, ethical, and in compliance with the host nation rule of law. We employ programs that train foreign law enforcement and military forces on a range of security tactics that enhance their ability to detect and dismantle criminal networks. Our training is based on doctrine, yet methods of delivery vary to accommodate changing cultural and geographic environments. The outcome is the development of a self-sustaining security force with capacity to engage and defeat criminal networks in a professional manner and compliant with international human rights standards.

About ISOA:

ISOA is a global partnership of private sector and nongovernmental organizations providing critical services in fragile environments worldwide.


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1725 I Street NW, Suite 300
Washington, D.C. 20006

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