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Sunday, October 9, 2016   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Howie Lind
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Founded in 1987, MSA Security is the premier provider of explosive device and weapons-of-mass destruction detection services. MSA's areas of expertise include explosive detection, intelligence analysis, executive protection, investigations and other specialized security solutions. MSA's client-base includes a diverse set of private sector clients in a wide range of industries including finance, real estate, media, entertainment, energy, communication, technology, and pharmaceuticals. MSA Security provides support to a number of U.S. Federal government entities to include the DoD, DoS, DHS, DoJ, DoE & the IC Community in addition to dozens of Fortune 500 commercial customers. Our corporate footprint encompasses the globe, reaching over 33 countries.

MSA Security is comprised of over 800 security professionals who are veterans of specialized law enforcement organizations and elite military units. MSA's pioneering range of security services enables us to execute situation specific plans to protect the flow of business, and U.S. Government operations.


MSA Security's commercial and U.S. Government clients rely upon us to provide a complete suite of explosive detection capabilities, as well as explosives expertise to assist in preventing and mitigating a wide-range of threats, ranging from Explosive Device Detection, to X-Ray Image Analysis, to Explosive Detection Canines. To execute this critical responsibility, MSA Security developed an innovative and proprietary application called SmartTech" which is a NIST certified technology. MSA Security provides X-Ray machines and magnetometers in support of our technology.

SmartTech" is a Department of Homeland Security SAFETY Act Certified technology, which provides clients with real-time, around-the-clock instant access to experienced bomb technicians situated in a 24/7 Emergency Operations Center (either MSA's or a client-site) that are able to provide expert analysis on suspected explosive threats detected during screening operations.

MSA Security's SmartTech" system can be linked to any X-ray machine being used to screen for prohibited items. If an X-ray screener sees something suspicious or unusual during the interpretation process, the operator can request a subject matter expert to assist them in real time, with the simple press of a button- from anywhere in the world.

Images and audio are transmitted over a secure internet link to the MSA SmartTech" Emergency Operations Center where bomb technicians assist with expert analysis. MSA SmartTech offers third-party authentication capabilities as well to meet federal IT requirements.

MSA Security's bomb technicians have a broad mix of Military and Law Enforcement experience, and all possess a minimum of 15 years of law enforcement experience, with at least five of those years in a bomb squad. All SmartTech" bomb technicians are graduates of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Hazardous Devices School and are members of the International Association of Bomb Technicians and Investigators.


MSA has the largest privately owned EDC program in the nation with hundreds of single-handler, single purpose EDC teams on staff, deploying daily- both domestically and around the world in support of U.S. Government and commercial customers

MSA sources specially bred canines from esteemed organizations and puts them through the most rigorous imprinting and training process in the industry. Our EDC handlers emanate from elite, specialized law enforcement units and receive the highest levels of training available anywhere in the private or public EDC sector. Prior to deployment, teams complete extensive training at our state of the art facility in Windsor, Connecticut.

Our unparalleled training center is staffed with industry leading experts and is the most technologically advanced in the country.

MSA Security was the first EDC provider in the nation to receive Department of Homeland Security SAFETY Act Certification, and is certified to the only nationally recognized standard, the Department of Justice Odor Recognition Test.

To learn more about MSA Security's capabilities, stop by our booth at the upcoming 11th Annual ISOA Annual Summit, or visit our homepage at

To learn more about MSA Security's SmartTech and EDC Services, please click here.

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