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How to Join

How To Join ISOA

ISOA welcomes applications from implementing organizations and practitioners from around the world who work in conflict, post-conflict and disaster relief environments. ISOA offers 2 types of membership: Corporate and Associate (Individual).


Membership Application Process

Associate (Individual) members can simply sign up for annual membership and pay dues on the Join ISOA page >>

However, Associate (Individual) Membership is reserved for consultants, academics, and others not associated with a corporation or business with annual revenues in excess of 1 million dollars per year.  All individual memberships will be reviewed to ensure compliance with our policy. 

Organization membership, which applies to Corporate Members in the association is not automatic. Due to the unique standards-based nature of the association, the ISOA Membership Committee reviews all organization applications prior to deciding on acceptance. The membership process for organizations generally takes approximately two weeks and the steps in the process are described in detail below.

► Step 1
Corporate/organization Members must submit a request for a Membership Application to Click here to download the Member Application Form.When you receive the form you will need to ensure that:

  • Organizations applying for membership complete Forms A, B & C.
  • Include Past Performance Package, Board Members, & any supplemental information to support your application.
  • Send completed packages to ISOA via mail, fax, or e-mail (preferred).
► Step 2
ISOA sends the application on to the Membership Committee to review. The Point of Contact listed on your application will coordinate with ISOA during the membership approval process in the case there are questions, clarifications, or issues that need to be addressed by the Membership Committee.
► Step 3
Within two weeks of application receipt, the Membership Committee will vote and the applicant will be informed of the Committee's decision..

► Step 4
Accepted applicants become members upon payment of first dues invoice.· With Full Membership a new Member is eligible to represent themselves as ISOA members, use the ISOA logo in their promotional material, and access all the benefits provided by the Association.


Membership Dues Structure



For organizations who are leaders in the stability operations and development sectors, providing services in fragile environments worldwide. Corporate members are signatories to the ISOA Code of Conduct and are eligible to sit on the ISOA Board and lead Committees and Working Groups.



USD 2,900

Small businesses can apply for ISOA membership at a special reduced rate. The threshold for small businesses is primarily consistent with Small Business Administration Standards. Organizations recording annual gross revenue of less than USD 3 million will qualify.



USD 3,600

This level of Membership is allocated for organizations generating between 3.1 - 20 million in annual gross revenue.



USD 7,000

This level of Membership is allocated for organizations generating between 20.1 - 100 million in annual gross revenue.



USD 11,000

This level of Membership is allocated for organizations generating between USD 100.1 - 200 million in annual gross revenue.



USD 13,750

This level of Membership is allocated for organizations generating between USD 200.1 - 500 million in annual gross revenue.



USD 16,500

The highest tier of Membership is reserved for ISOA Members grossing more than USD 500 million annually. The organizations within this tier are the leading companies and non-profits in this industry.



For professionals that serve the industry as independent consultants or as parts of larger organizations for whom stability and development is a small practice area. Membership applies only to the member individual.



USD 550

This membership type is ineligible for the ISOA Board of Directors and is ineligible for membership on ISOA committees.  Associate Member logos are not listed on the ISOA website.  The only benefit is to attend ISOA events at the pricing levels for members.


Questions regarding ISOA Membership? Contact Us at


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ISOA is a global partnership of private sector and nongovernmental organizations providing critical services in fragile environments worldwide.


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