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Our Members

ISOA Members are leaders in the fields of stability, peace, development, humanitarian aid, disaster relief, security sector reform, and rule of law. Our membership is defined as the implementing community - those companies and nongovernmental organizations who work on the ground, every day, in all corners of the globe.

The Spectrum of Stability

ISOA, our members, our government partners and our stakeholders are in the process of revising and refining the roles that stability operations and international development efforts play in the world. Helping re-define that role and how private industry can support it is the underlying goal for ISOA’s activities year after year.

Societies that are both dynamic and stable require a wide range of elements to function well: decent governance, rule of law, fair avenues to select political leadership, peace within and with neighbors, and economic freedoms. Our understanding of "stability operations” encompasses all activities and instruments employed to support these elements. ISOA’s members, our government and international organization partners, and our stakeholders recognize and promote the utility of programs across multiple sectors, executed by a diverse group of practitioners. As the divergent implementing community—military and civilians, companies and NGOs, civil society and the private sector—work toward these goals, the prevalence and frequency of crises can be mitigated.

ISOA is a network of organizations whose work falls along this spectrum of stability. Those who protect during conflict, deliver aid in disaster, build homes during recovery, train police and strengthen governance in the wake of tragedy – all work toward a common goal to lay the foundations for development, investment and long term growth.

ISOA Members come from all over the world and include:

  • Small, medium and large organizations
  • Manufacturers and product suppliers
  • Individual consultants and practitioners
  • Industry service providers such as law firms and insurance companies

About ISOA:

ISOA is a global partnership of private sector and nongovernmental organizations providing critical services in fragile environments worldwide.


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